How associations are rethinking risk

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Ottawa employers face a unique challenge competing with the public sector. As a result, many associations feel pressure to raise salaries and benefits as they vie for skilled professionals. However, association executives also report success employing strategies that don’t involve any hard costs.



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What are the top threats facing associations? How do organizations lower the risk of director misconduct? What tools are available to reduce opportunities for payment fraud? The unique role of associations leaves organizations exposed to a common set of risks related to revenues, membership and governance

How do you market your organization to prospective new members? How are membership numbers changing? How often do you review your membership fees? Learn how associations are using creative tactics to identify and reach prospects as well as demonstrate value to existing members.


of associations don't have a risk register


of executives don't know their membership churn rate

The Ottawa Association Exchange is an annual association management practice survey created to help organization executives succeed by exploring strategies for overcoming common challenges.

With interviews and surveys of more than 86 association executives, this edition of the OAX report explores the top risks facing associations as well as practical steps to mitigate those threats.

The digital report also examines various approaches to membership engagement, advocacy, employee recruitment and retention as well as trends in outsourcing and board committees. The publication also includes benchmarking data on salaries, workplace policies and insurance coverage.

OAX offers executives a unique opportunity to learn from their peers, improve their understanding of key operational issues and build stronger associations.


of organizations don't have cybersecurity training for staff



Ottawa Association Exchange

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